5 Amazing Winter Beauty Tips You Need To Know

winter beauty tips

A hillside or forest glistening with fresh snow is beautiful, but you can be just as much of a winter beauty if you follow the right regimen. A lot of us either don’t change our beauty routine or figure “it’s winter; why make the effort” and end up looking the part…but do you have to settle for not looking and feeling your best during this time of year?

No, you don’t!

Winter beauty doesn’t require a whole lot to continue looking your best but does require you to alter your approach a bit. Here are 5 solid winter beauty tips that will see you through to spring.

Moisturizing A Cornerstone Of Winter Beauty

The most important part of winter beauty is to moisturize. Granted, moisturizing is a central part of a beauty routine regardless of season, but winter requires changing your moisturizing regimen.

Despite snow and rain, there is actually less moisture in the air during winter. Therefore, you need a heavier barrier between your skin and the elements. Opt for rich, heavy creams for your face, feet, and hands; shea butter-based products are go-to for a winter moisturizing regimen. This is especially important for night creams as well as hand and foot creams.

You also want to take care not to dry skin out. While long, hot showers seem like a good idea, for instance, long periods in the hot water will actually remove the top layer of lipids in the skin, which will dry it out. Gloves will help keep your hands from drying out, cracking around the knuckles and will also keep hangnails from forming.

When in doubt, apply hand cream. Even if it’s just because a Volkswagen just drove by.

Make Sure You Exfoliate Too

Along with a heavier moisturizing product, a companion to that in a winter beauty regimen to make sure that you exfoliate your face, hands, and feet as well.

For facial scrubbing, you want to use an exfoliating scrub that has gentle beads and use it regularly. Make sure that you also apply a rich cream afterward; this will build a moisturized layer between your face and the elements. The same goes for your hands; a good scrub combined with a rich, heavy cream will keep them supple.

For feet, it’s a good idea to soak them once a week in warm water with a mild soap for about 15 to 20 minutes. After the soak, go over calluses with a pumice stone or other callus remover. Then apply an ointment to keep them soft.
Exfoliating and scrubbing, as mentioned, go hand-in-hand with a moisturizing regimen, so don’t neglect it.

Change Up The Winter Makeup

You’re also going to want to make some changes when it comes to winter makeup, as using the same foundation and so on will result in a winter beauty fail.

For starters, ditch the powder-based foundation and definitely leave any matte foundation on the shelf for spring. Instead, dewy or satin foundations will be the order of the day. Look for moisturizing foundations, as they will also help keep the skin moist. Tinted moisturizers, since they never look caked, are also a great option.

Leave the bronzer. Seriously. It’s overcast and raining; nobody believes you have a tan of any sort.

You’ll also want to skip the frosted eyeshadow. It won’t do you any favors. Metallic eyeshadows work very well in winter time, as do bronzed shadows…just make sure you stay away from the frosted ones.

You also want to make sure that you waterproof your makeup as well. Rain and snow are a fact of life in winter, and makeup is one of the first casualties.

Do What You Can To Avoid Hat Head

One of the biggest causes of hat head is putting on a hat when your hair isn’t totally dry. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that hair is totally dry first in the morning. Otherwise, your hair dries while wearing the hat and disaster occurs once you take it off.

Another good tip is to part your hair on the opposite side than you normally do before putting the hat on. Once you get inside and take it off, flip your hair to the normal side. That will keep you from getting hat head.

If you wear yours particularly long, gather it into a loop and tuck it under the hat, which will also ward off hat head.

Have the pixie cut or wear your hair short? Use a little water or styling product after removing the hat. You’ll be right as rain in a few seconds.

You Still Need Manicures And Pedicures And Other Beauty Treatments

Another good idea for winter beauty? Make a trip or two to the salon or schedule an appointment with your favorite beautician. There are a few good reasons why you should do so.

First, a manicure and pedicure every 6 to 8 weeks is always a good idea. This keeps your nails and nail beds in prime condition and you can also get your hands and feet some attention during a rough season for them.

Another good reason to get to the salon or schedule an appointment with your favorite beautician? A little bit of pampering will do anyone a lot of good, especially during the grey, overcast and depressing winter season.

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