5 Fall Beauty Tips Everyone Should Follow

fall beauty tips

Fall Beauty Tips

There are a whole lot of beauty tips out there, including fall beauty tips. Some are great for specific people, some are good for everyone.

Here are 5 of the latter.

These 5 fall beauty tips are as close to universal as it gets, and they should be followed by just about everyone. If you follow them, you’ll be a step ahead of a lot of people out there to look your best through autumn and into winter.

Grab yourself a PSL and get ready…

Get A Heavy Duty Moisturizer

You’re supposed to use a moisturizer in every season. However, some are clearly best in summer (lighter, thinner, oil-based) and some are better in fall or winter. When the leaves start to turn and a nip enters the air, it’s time to get out the big guns.

A heavy-duty moisturizer is called for in fall. Though the temperature is lower and there is more precipitation in terms of rain and towards the end of fall, early snows, there is actually less moisture in the air. Therefore, you need a heavier product.

Fall is when you ditch the one-product-does-all and start using rich, thick moisturizers for your face, body creams and lotions, and a thicker conditioner. For hair, think of switching to silicone serum. Thick, non-drying face creams will be better than astringent washes.

And so on and so forth. Point being, fall is when you moisturize with extreme prejudice.

Lighten Up The Sunscreen…But Don’t Neglect It

You won’t need to wear as much sunscreen, this is definitely true. As you wear more layers, far less of your body is exposed and with the overcast and rain, you won’t need to apply as much.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to. Ask your friend, brother, or that one friend on Facebook who hunts – they come back with sunburns all the time despite the days being as gray as gray gets. Thus, you’re going to want to still use sunscreen on your face.

However, you can dial it back a bit. Instead of an SPF 50 or better sunscreen, you can stick to a facial cream of SPF 15 to 30 if you’re still using foundation. If you don’t, then you will want a little more coverage. Just make sure you keep using sunscreen.

Exfoliate…But Perhaps A Touch-Less Often

The need to exfoliate is a touch reduced during fall, so long as you’re using a thorough moisturizing routine. Since the sun isn’t baking your skin – and again, as long as you’re still using a moisturizer – there isn’t as much need to exfoliate every day as your skin will stay in better condition a little longer.

Therefore, you can throttle back on the exfoliating scrubs. Still, apply one every few days, but you won’t need to every day. You can also stand to dial back the heat during showers, as blasting your skin with hot water can also have a detrimental effect on removing moisture.

PSLs, sweater weather, a reason to wear those cute boots, and a little less time needed on exfoliating. How does anyone NOT love fall?

Fall Is The Time For A Trim And Adding Hair Color

Right before fall, get yourself a trim. Moisturizing conditioners can only do so much against the searing heat of the sun, and you’re going to have some split ends. Fall, on the other hand, is a bit gentler in terms of temperature, so you won’t want the same scorching heat fraying the ends of your hair.

That means it’s a perfect time to get a trim! Shorten those locks and – with a more robust conditioning regimen – you can enjoy without as much risk of splitting.

It’s also the best time to add some hair color, as it’s not like you’ll be hitting the pool, lake, beach or what have you. Less risk to coloring means you can get it to last.

Hit The Beauty Salon For A Fall Touch-Up

One of the best things to do for fall – as it is when any season arrives – is to head to your favorite salon for a touch-up. Not only is visiting your favorite beauty salon or beautician a great thing to do on its own, getting a good refresh in time for the changing seasons will help you stay on top of the changing needs for maintaining beauty.

It’s also a perfect time to schedule an appointment with Beauty By Svetlana, as we can definitely get you looking your best! Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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