Benefits Of Full Face Waxing

full face waxing benefits

You might wonder what are the benefits of face waxing compared to other hair removal treatments. After all, waxing can potentially involve a bit more discomfort and more regular treatment than some other types of hair removal…or so some people say.

However, the rumors are mostly baseless and perpetuated by people who usually have performed a home waxing incorrectly or at least with less expertise than a professional. In fact, facial waxing has a lot of benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. The right person may get better results than with any other hair removal technique. Here is why…

Waxing Removes The Entire Hair Out Of The Follicle

The mechanics of waxing are fairly simple. You put an adhesive wax over the hair, which solidifies to a degree and traps the hair in it, like a mosquito getting caught in amber. Then, the wax is removed, pulling the hair out.

Unlike other hair removal treatments, the hair is taken out by the root. When a person shaves with a razor (such as ladies with their legs and men with their faces) they are merely slicing the hair off at the skin. Granted, the quality of the razor and type of shaving you do determine how well it happens (straight razor shaves get unbelievably close) but the root of the hair still remains.

Face waxing, however, removes the hair entirely. This also leads to the next benefit.

Waxing Leaves No Stubble

A 5 o’clock shadow on a guy is okay; even desirable. However, stubble is not necessarily desirable for everyone. Returning to the idea of shaving, stubble grows back very quickly. For some people it’s a few days; some guys seem to grow back a beard by the afternoon despite shaving that morning!

Since waxing tears the hair out at the root, one thing you don’t have to worry about is stubble. You need the root of the hair to remain in the follicle to have stubble. Again, since the hair is gone the root will have to completely regrow before any stubble can emerge.

That also leads us to

You May Not Need To Wax As Often

Another benefit of face waxing is that the frequency between treatments is drastically reduced compared to other hair removal methods.

Granted, a lot of this comes down to you. There are a lot of factors behind hair growth, including age, diet, genetics and so on, so the rate at which your hair grows depends on you and how those factors apply. Your mileage, as the saying goes, may vary.

That said, a good average is roughly 2 to 8 weeks in most cases. Given that facial waxing often involves much smaller areas being waxed, the interval will be longer and may be more cost effective than waxing legs or other areas.

In short, it removes hair better, doesn’t leave stubble and lasts longer than other methods of removing hair. What’s not to like?

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