How Long Does Waxing Last?

waxing how long does it last

If you’re looking into waxing, you’ll naturally want to know how long does waxing last? After all, it’s supposed to last longer than shaving, but the process can be a little much for some; it may not be something you want to do every week or two.

However, the benefits of waxing are certainly that smooth skin lasts longer than with shaving alone, no matter how fine the razor.

How long does waxing last though? The thing is that it depends on a few different factors. So it’s more of how long waxing will last for YOU.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair growth is actually a cycle with three major component phases:

  1. Resting Phase
  2. Transitional Phase
  3. Growth Phase

A certain proportion of each phase has a particular amount of hair growth. Only a small part occurs in the resting phase – usually about 10 to 15 percent. Barely any takes place during the transitional phase, usually 2 to 3 percent. It’s the growth phase, after the other two phases have concluded, when most growth occurs – 80 percent or more of total hair growth.

So, even when your skin appears smooth and hairless, there is actually hair growth going on. How much depends on a number of factors, like your genes, hormones and so on. These phases are also seasonally affected, so don’t be alarmed if hair growth is different during different seasons.

The Last Waxing Treatment Matters

Another thing to be aware of is that the last waxing treatment you got is also important in how long waxing lasts. Why is that? Because of how waxing works…or rather, is supposed to.

Ideally, waxing coats hairs in a “sticky” substance (the wax) which hardens a bit as it cools. Then, you or a beautician removes the wax and thereby plucks the hairs out of the follicle.

But this doesn’t always happen.

Instead, a number of hairs will shear off at the stem, leaving the follicle intact. As a result, hairs that aren’t completely plucked will grow back more quickly than those that do not. In fact, bad waxing will only last about as long as shaving, which defeats the purpose.

There are a number of reasons why waxing wouldn’t work. Broken hair in this manner can occur if the hair is too long for the wax to grip it sufficiently, if the wax is of poor quality, if the removal technique was incorrect and so on. This is also a common outcome of home applications.

Expect Three To Six Weeks Between Waxing…Though It May Be Shorter Or Longer

Typically, how long waxing lasts is three to six weeks in most cases. You can reasonably expect your waxing treatment to last that length of time…though it might also not.

Hair growth, you see, is not the linear process that you might think it is. What a lot of people think is that a hair gets cut, or torn out at the follicle, and then starts growing again. That’s actually not the process of hair growth.

How your hair growth works depends on a number of factors as well. Your skin health, nutrient intake, overall health, genetics, age, hormones and so on are all factors in hair growth. While three to six weeks is more or less an average, the truth is that you may go up to 8 weeks between waxes, or you may need to schedule a treatment in two weeks; it all depends on your particular hair growth.

Also, since hair grows different on different parts of your body, each patch – as it were – may grow faster or more slowly compared to other parts of you. You may be best served with armpit waxing every seven weeks, leg waxing every five weeks, and other applications as needed in different intervals. It all depends on you.

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