Spa Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid


There are some definite do’s and dont’s when it comes to spa etiquette, just as there are in any situation. Comporting yourself properly is a sure way to cultivate a good relationship with a spa and its workers.

Since you want the spa to be a place where you can go to relax and feel better, you’ll want to make sure that any tension is removed from the situation. A great way to do that is making sure you avoid any serious spa etiquette faux pas.

Here are a few spa etiquette mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Arrive On Time And With Your Cell Phone Off

Some serious breaches of spa etiquette are arriving late and using your cell phone during treatments.

Spa technicians and estheticians often are only paid when they are servicing clients. When you don’t show up on time for an appointment, it means they aren’t free to service other clients and thereby make their living. While things sometimes happen outside our control – hey, traffic and other things do take place – you shouldn’t leave people waiting when circumstances are in your control.

A good idea is to show up ten to fifteen minutes before an appointment, to fill out forms and otherwise get settled prior to your servicing. That will keep you on time.

You also need to keep off your cell phone. Many spas don’t even allow them for exactly these reasons, but it’s incredibly rude to be checking your email, Facebook, text messages – or worse, making calls – while at the spa. It sends the message that the person servicing you is not very important or a lesser person, which is unbelievably rude.

Granted, some people’s employment may demand a great deal of attention. However, unless lives literally depend on a phone call, stay off the phone.

Not Communicating What You Want

If you don’t know what you want from a spa service – be it a beauty/skin regimen, a manicure or pedicure, massage or other spa treatment – you may end up dissatisfied with the results. This may be dissatisfying to you, which will also be dissatisfying to the person who serviced you.

If she told me what she wanted to begin with, they WILL think, then she wouldn’t have had the issue and I could have had a pleasant day at work!

Therefore, know what you want before receiving services. Before booking is even better. It’s better for you, better for the beautician, and just a good best practice of spa etiquette.

Being Too Loud Or Excessively Gossiping

The spa is a place to relax, letting everything slow down and enjoying the process of being made to feel better. It is not the club, and your masseuse, beautician and so on are not your therapists. Being overly loud and engaging in gossip can be major breaches of spa etiquette.

It’s okay to talk, and it’s even okay to politely say that you’re going to be quiet if you wish the person servicing you to do likewise. It’s not, however, necessarily okay to talk at the top of your voice as this can disrupt the person trying to service you and others that are at the spa.

You also shouldn’t air your dirty laundry to people who don’t necessarily want to hear it. You can become friends with a spa tech, sure, and even become close with them, but until you do you should refrain from divulging your personal business with them.

They don’t necessarily want to hear it, just as you wouldn’t want to hear theirs. Juicy gossip can be fun, but it should only involve people who appreciate it.

Last Minute Cancellations

While some spas will have a 24-hour cancellation limit, not all will. In any case, a serious breach of spa etiquette is canceling your appointment at the absolute last minute.

Again, while things sometime occur outside of our control, we must take care while circumstances are. Last-minute cancellations are tantamount to robbery to many estheticians, as they depend on servicing clients for their livelihood. When a client drops out at the last moment, they can’t attract new business in many cases and thus just lost out on income which they depend on to live.

That’s why many spas will require at least 24 hours cancellation or else they’ll bill you anyway…which they should. After all, you’re practically robbing them. Again, sometimes things happen that you have no control over, but you need to imagine what it’s like in their position.

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