Stay Gorgeous With These 9 Summer Beauty Tips


How to keep looking your best during the heat of summer? By following great summer beauty tips, that’s how!

The sunshine feels glorious, and a summer breeze can be one of the most refreshing things ever…but you need to stay on top of your self-care, as summer beauty involves a different maintenance regimen than other seasons. The assault of the sun and the heat changes the game significantly.

You can make sure to keep those rays from taking too harsh a toll on your skin with these summer beauty tips!

Work Smart With Sunscreen

One of the most neglected products, when it comes skin care and summer beauty, is sunscreen, and what’s neglected most about sunscreen is applying it correctly. Not just wearing it, but being smart about wearing it.

First, definitely apply it and plenty of it. Make sure you get as many hard to reach spots as possible.

When selecting a sunscreen, be sure to pick one that offers broad-spectrum protection, which guards against UVA and UVB rays. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking that a 60 SPF sun lotion means you can go without reapplying for longer; most sunscreens wear off inside of 2 hours. Even a 60 SPF sunscreen is going to wear off in that time, especially if you come in contact with water.

When it comes to SPF, choose according to how long you’re going to be in the sun. If you’re just going to be out during a morning, then 15 SPF to 30 SPF is fine. If you’re going to be out all day, reach for 50 SPF or higher and, again, reapply liberally every couple hours.

If a typical tube lasts you all summer, you’re doing it wrong.

Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize

One of the best winter beauty tips is to moisturize because cold air can easily dry out skin. Summer is when you can relax on your moisturization regimen.

Just kidding! It’s actually more important than ever. In fact, it’s one of the most vital beauty tips there is, and one that should be followed during all seasons. Summertime conditions dry skin out just as badly as winter conditions, so make sure to follow a solid moisturizing regimen.

If you’re going to be in a pool, or the lake, river or ocean a lot, then make sure to use a moisturizer that works with wet skin.

Exfoliate When The Time Is Right

Periodic exfoliation, if not daily, is always a good idea but during summer you have to be smart about it. Once you scrub away the top layer of dead skin cells, the remaining skin cells are new and sensitive – and that makes them more susceptible to damage and especially by sunburn.

Therefore, you need to do it at the right time, such as at night before bedtime or when you know you aren’t going to be outside. Doing so before applying a spray tan will help a spray tan last longer.

Change Your Makeup To Suit The Season

Another great summer beauty tip is to change your makeup to suit the summer season. Different ambient conditions interact with your skin differently, which is why you should switch to makeup products that work WITH the summer environment, not against it.

First, use non-comedogenic or oil-free makeup products. These can clog pores, which can irritate and blemish the skin. The last thing you want is to start getting acne when you want to show off, and comedogenic and oil-based products clog skin pores.

Switch to cream eyeshadow rather than powder. Sweat and the oils naturally found in your skin can cause powders to run and follow rather than staying where applied. Cream eyeshadows are also easily packable as they fit in smaller containers – allowing you to cut down on the amount of makeup you take with you.

Also be sure to use a primer. The pigments in the foundation can be easily separated by your skin’s natural oils, which primer prevents from happening.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

Summer weather and also summer fun can wreak havoc with hair, and that’s why using a clarifying shampoo is one of the best summer beauty and summer hair tips. The thing about hair color, especially if you color yours, is that sun and water can have a deleterious effect on your hair, color by thinning it out. Salt water and chlorinated water, compared to freshwater sources (like a river or a lake) are even worse.

Combine a clarifying shampoo with a styling spray that is also a UV protectant – that will guard against sun damage.

Opt For Lip Stain Instead Of Lipstick

You can absolutely keep your lips looking fabulous during summer, but you’ll want to switch to lip stain rather than traditional lipstick. There are a number of good reasons for it too.

Lip stains are lighter, which won’t result in your lips feeling “heavy” due to a thick application of lipstick. Stains also don’t run or roll off with sweat.

Also, stains are available in so many shades that there is virtually no look you can’t get with lip stain compared to lipstick, so you might as well use the easier product to live with during summer.

Shower Before You Swim Too

Another good summer beauty tip/Summer hair tip is to actually shower BEFORE you swim as well as after. There are a few good reasons to do this, first being that you stay as clean as possible which is just good in a general sense.

It also coats and lubricates hair strands and follicles before they get exposed to chlorinated water, which can dry out and damage hair. If you hit the pool with any frequency, you want to make sure your hair is protected.

Moisturize Your Feet Whenever Possible

Who doesn’t love the convenience of flip-flops or how well open-toed shoes show off your feet? But no one likes having feet that look like they belong to their grandma, so make sure that your feet aren’t being neglected in an exfoliating and moisturizing regimen.

Try using moisturizing socks for 15 minutes before you go to sleep. That will keep your heels soft and keep calluses from forming.

Oh, and guess what can also be part of a foot care regimen? Pedis!

Visit The Salon

Spokane Makeup Artist

Lastly, another great summer beauty tip is to visit the salon! Just like with any other season, a regular visit to your favorite beauty salon is a great way to ready yourself going into a season, refresh in the middle of one or get ready for the next one as the current season draws to a close.

Or you can just go because you want to! It’s perfectly fine to be pampered whenever you want or can responsibly afford it.

Working with a beauty technician you trust can also help ensure that you stay looking your best year round!

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